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of car insurance owners want to save premium and keep best coverage benefits..

A smart customer is in a constant hunt for discounts which will reduce the burden on his pocket. If you are one among them then here are a few tips that will help you get discount and save money on premium value of your car insurance, Get Discounts, Save Money, Buy Smart

Drive Less=Pay Less Premium

Policy holders who drives less then 10000 k.m per year, in 600000 policy holders pay excess premium to subsidize policy holder who drives more then 10000 k.m mileage, so it is time to pay what you drive.raditional car insurance is unfair to low usage drivers. The number one risk indicator for drivers is how often theyre on the road. So if youre already driving less, you should really start paying less, IOT-OBD device will capture the k.m driven and transmit to insurer to asses your usage and provide quote based past usage details

No claim bonus
No claim bonus

NCD Protector

The No Claim Discount protector is an extension of your car insurance policy. It protects your NCD status -it allows you to make a claim under your policy without losing your NCD status. This benefits is only available to you if your NCD is 50% some insurers allow their customers to add on this benefits if their NCD is 40%

Dual Year Policy

Instead of paying annually for car insurance,Dual year policy is win-win proposition for drivers, for insurers it means a lower customer acquisition cost, which translates into cost savings that can be passed to customers

Dual Year Policy

Q: What is Best Car Insurance ?

When you decide to buy your dream car, especially your first car, you research for every possible way you can get the best deal for it. But did you also look for the best car insurance India? Many car buyers underestimate the importance of a car insurance. You must, in fact, look for the best car insurance quotes India on reliable Apps such as InsureMile even before you choose the model and make of your car.
There are numerous companies, both regional and national, that are vying for the car owners’ attention. You cannot opt for the cheapest plan blindly because everything is not what is seems! A recent study by Policy Bazaar found that comparing best car insurance India from over 15 insurers can save up to 60% on car insurance. It is wise to do your basic research on InsureMile for the best car insurance policy India and then take your pick. Choose wisely through InsureMile and save on your premium.

Q:What is Best Car Insurance Policy ?

Car insurance is mandatory in India by the Motor Vehicles Act. So, there are several car insurance companies that offer car insurance covers for any unfortunate accident, damage, or theft. It is important to note that the amount you will pay for premium of your car insurance will be decided based on your vehicle’s IDV (Insured Declared Value). It is the maximum sum assured that will be given in case your car is stolen or lost and it is fixed by the insurer. Basically, it is the market value of the car and is higher for newer models. If your IDV is low, your premium will be lower but remember that IDV is the maximum value the insurer will pay you as compensation. Therefore, you must compare the IDV quoted, the other options and discounts offered by different insurers for your car by using InsureMile. Then he can choose the best car insurance policy India that is suitable and save substantially on premium.

Q: What is Best Car Insurance Quotes ?

Different car insurance companies offer different rates. So, it is important to check the rates offered by other insurers to ascertain that you are indeed getting the best car insurance quotes India. Many car owners continue to inform their agent on their customized car insurance quote and wait for the agent to get back. But, in these days of advanced technology, there is no need to wait! You can use InsureMile to compare the quotes of the top insurers in the country and choose the best car insurance policy India online.

Q: What is Best Car Insurance Online?

Gone are the days when you had to call a car insurance agent and wait endlessly for him to come (or even call). With the advent of smart Apps such as InsureMile, buying the best car insurance online is the smartest thing to do, and the easiest. It is also the best way to have a detailed comparison of the latest rates, offers, and discounts of the top car insurance companies of India at a glance, and in a click.

Q: What are Benefits of Best Car Insurance?

It is always advantageous to compare the top insurers in your region. Use InsureMile because you get a snapshot of what is offered by which company and what’s not. You should have a list of your requirements handy so that you can cross-check and decide which the best car insurance for you is. Companies will offer different add-ons but you have to see which insurer gives the add-on you need. Similarly, the discounts given by car insurers is vastly different and you must compare car insurance quotes online before you buy or renew the best car insurance policy. The best car insurance will invariably have the best ratings and the best claim settlement history.

Q: How to choose Best Car Insurance Policy?

We use cars for a variety of reasons. So, there’s really no ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of insurance for cars. What is considered the best car insurance policy by one may not meet your expectations at all. The best way to undertake this research is to generate a comprehensive comparison chart for your make of car from the top five insurers. Then compare the amount they have granted for individual claims such as coverage for different parts of the car, medical expenses, repair of the vehicle, loss or damage, legal liability, injury, or death. This will help you decide who is best suited to be your insurer.
Keep the following points in mind when you look for the best car insurance policy.
The make of your car, model, and variant are important in determining the base premium. More expensive and luxurious the car, higher the premium. Size of the car matters too.
The Insured Declared Value (IDR) depends on the year of manufacture of the car. IDV decides the annual premium for your vehicle. Obviously, newer the car, higher the premium.
If you want additional cover for the accessories (both electrical and non-electrical), you have to pay additional premium
If you have a CNG fitted car, you have to pay higher premium than a regular petrol or diesel car.
You can decrease the premium amount by opting for a higher voluntary deductible. It is the minimum amount of money you agree to pay when you stake a claim. By agreeing to bear the financial burden with the insurance company when there is an accident, you can pay lesser premium.
If your car is fitted with an anti-theft device that is approved by ARAI, you can avail of a 2.5% discount.
Members of Automobile Association of India (AAI) and special professional such as doctors, government employees, and defense personnel are given additional discounts on their premium.